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      1. Chemphy's Amino-oligosaccharin

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        Product Introduction Chemphy Chemical’s amino-oligosaccharin (Hope) 

        is fermented using the biodegradable enzyme technology developed by Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences. It is a green, pollution-free, residue-free, non-phytotoxic, and degradable plant resistance inducer. Mainly by stimulating the plant's own immune response, the plant can obtain systemic disease resistance and stress resistance, and at the same time have the functions of regulating plant growth, development, reproduction, etc., so as to solve the sub-health problems in the process of plant growth.

        Hope is a product obtained by deacetylating and special enzyme degrading chitin extracted from marine shell organisms such as shrimp shells, crab shells and other organisms after decalcification. Hope is different from other amino-oligosaccharides in that it is degraded by a unique biological endonuclease, so that the degradation length of chitosan can reach the oligoamino-oligosaccharides linked by 2-8 glucosamine. The molecular weight of the amino-oligosaccharins obtained in this way is between 300-2600, which is suitable for plant absorption and utilization.

        Product Introduction


        After the laboratory tests, it has been proved that when Hope is mixed with WP, WDG, EC and SC, there will be no precipitation and flocculation, and it can be used in combination with the above four pesticide dosage forms. When mixing with other preparations, secondary dilution must be carried out. And use it right after it is ready. When the prepared mixture is static for more than one hour, it needs to be re-stirred before use. Do not mix with alkaline pesticides, such as Bordeaux mixture and other copper preparations, lime-sulfur mixtures, etc.
        Packing size
        Packing size: 5KG/bucket,1KG/bottle,200G/bottle,100G/bottle,25G/bag.

        Packing size

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